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It's Time To Clean House

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Many of us make great investments to ensure that our outward appearance is presentable. We’ll make sure our hair and nails are well kept, and our outfits are always on point, yet our inside is a mess. Many of our tongues are untamed and our hearts are hardened and full of pride.

Many of us are wearing brokenness as a badge of honor, using trauma as an excuse to remain in dysfunction, and using grace as an excuse to live in blatant rebellion.

We are praying for God’s blessings, and He’s simply saying, “Come up higher son/daughter!” We’re demanding that others see and respect us because we are invaluable, yet our lives are a reflection that we don’t truly even know our own worth because we’ll settle and/or consistently manipulate our standards to accommodate things/people knowing that neither look like what God said.

Some people are walking around honored that people would “die behind/for them”, yet live as through they’ve forgotten that someone already did! That speaks for how precious we are to God!

God doesn’t care anything about your appearance or your putting on. He knows and cares about YOU and the innermost parts of you! You don’t have to impress Him by what you have or who you know. You don’t have to brown-nose or backbite to get close to Him. You don’t have to conform who are to be in covenant with Him. The same is true for anything or anyone He sends to your life!

In this season, it is vital to invest time in doing the inward work with Him. It’s also pivotal that you gain an understanding of who you are and whose you are, because this next season will require you to walk it like you talk it. Your preparation and obedience is the key to those locked doors. It starts with cleaning your “house”.

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