Who is

Cierrina Rice is a Human Resources (HR) Practitioner and Multi-Certified Professional who has coached, consulted, and trained countless individuals and leaders. She is also the owner of Corporate Ready, LLC, an HR consulting firm that provides integrated Human Resources solutions to bridge to gap between employers and job seekers. She is an experienced coach and advisors to managers and c-suite executives. Cierrina developed a passion for leadership as a teenager when managing in retail. As a result, she pursued her degree and pivoted to a career in human resource management. Her niche has been inspiring others through ongoing dialogue surrounding development and continual introspection to encourage a growth mindset. Cierrina has a track record of provoking favorable results in soft skill cultivation, effective communication, increased engagement and performance, and conflict resolution.

In her profession, Cierrina was the HR decision-maker for over 500 employees of a business grossing over $400 million in revenue across four states. Additionally, she has recruited and represented previous employers at dozens of career fairs as well as interviewed, hired, and trained thousands of candidates. She has assisted many with professional resume modification per marketplace standards. Academically, she actively pursuing her MBA in Human Resources Management, and currently holds a B.S.B.A in Human Resource Management. Cierrina is a member of both SHRM and NASHRM. She is also an active member and Ambassador of the Huntsville and Madison County Chamber of Commerce.

Cierrina is also a wife, mother, intercessor, and change agent. She is a woman of faith and a member of All Nations Worship Assembly Huntsville, where she serves under the leadership of Pastor Adrian Davis. At All Nations, Cierrina operates in both the ministries of Intercession and Deliverance. She also serves in the Music Ministry.


Cierrina is passionate about the growth and development of individuals professionally, personally, and spiritually. She believes that changing the world begins by impacting the lives of the individuals that she encounters daily. Cierrina strives to leave a lasting impression of positivity upon everyone she meets. Her passion to change the lives of others by meeting an immediate need is what birthed her desire to be a kingdom example through the merging of ministry and marketplace.